Upavistha Konasana

Upavistha Konasana or Wide Legged Forward Fold Variation:

This is designed to restore and renew. Spring begins and we remember that we are mammals on this beautiful Planet Earth. And although we are a modern society, the ever present, powerful pull of nature will always win. Variations in light and temperature can create blissful emotions and also feelings of tiredness and fatigue because of these changes. Go gently into this transition, embracing all the sensations that remind us that we are part of the many. These sensations are whispered reminders that all living beings are connected. 

Stack two blocks and rest the bolsters on an incline. Then let your torso rest along the same line. Give your full weight onto the bolster and breathe. With every exhale, let the tension ghosts hiding in your physical form lift and float away. Be gentle with yourself, take this feeling and share it. As the seasons change, we #move with it. And when we allow this movement rather than resist, we are able to #elevate our understanding of compassion. We share this and like #snowdrops in the spring, we #grow