Just. Be.

Fetal Position, the pose we come to before our seated meditation and before we reemerge into our daily lives.

Usually, by the time we get to this pose, we are already anticipating when the teacher will cue us to come up to our seated posture. Maybe we will savor it for a few moments, maybe we just pass through.

This is the practice. What are we doing here in our thoughts? This posture can represent the way yoga prepares us to walk into our lives. Can we roll onto our sides and fully experience this moment? Can we give into the present, knowing that the end of our practice is one posture away? This is the challenge and the practice.

Roll onto your side and marinate. Can feel how the practice has leveled your emotions and your thinking brain, allowing compassion and love to reveal itself as your true state of being? Turn away from anticipation and capture this moment. This is your heart with all the layers of thought and habit and pattern stripped away. Look directly into this and don't turn away.