How to properly put your legs up the wall!

Legs Up The Wall:

This is one of our favorite postures. It is the ultimate battery recharge! The best part is that it is really easy to do; there is not much involved.

Just lay down on the floor and put your legs up the wall. Some variations will call for a block or a bolster under the hips, but it also feels great laying on the floor with a mat or soft towel under the lumbar region.

Inversions improve circulation in the body and bring oxygenated blood to the brain. They also stimulate the lymphatic system, aiding the body in the removal of toxins. This will help the body fight infections and inflammation.

We like to offer this posture as one of our #oneposepractice series. Sometimes, we only have energy for one pose. At times, that one pose will be the catalyst to do one more...and maybe even one more. This is the asana to start with if you're just too damned tired to move a limb. 

Love & Light,

Lauren Fields, Owner

Yoga To You