Learning Warrior Two (Virabhadra Two) Pose

The warrior postures are amazing for building vitality and strength in the legs, but there are risks for every person based on what their body is bringing to the table.

Yoga to You loves the wedge. We want students to have a feeling of clarity in their bodies. Looking for subtle pressure in our joints is one way to find clarity. One of the best ways to help a student feel the difference between pressure and clarity is to use a prop. Props bring a sense of lightness in our joints allowing the muscles supporting the joints to be utilized.

One cue for warrior 2 is to lift the arch. We do this by putting strength into the outer edge of foot and simultaneously into the big toe. This can be overdone by some and may be difficult for others who are coming from a history of tremendous strength training. Josh is a long-time member of Portland's own Pacific Crest CrossFit and they are always encouraging their clients to seek balance in their bodies with both strength.

By placing the wedge under the back of his foot, he accesses his heel and toe connection. He can then recruit his inner leg muscles and synergists, creating that clean line of energy (heel to sit bone alignment). This one adjustment can create clarity into the body rather than compression and pressure, which pollutes our ability to find expansive properties and meditation in our postures.