YTY SUP Yoga Teacher Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Of course, you do! Read on!

Photo by Robby Edwardsen


1. Why get certified to teach Stand up paddleboard (SUP) yoga?

As you will learn quickly in the training, there are many reasons to obtain proper certification. When you teach SUP yoga, you are responsible for more than a yoga class. You are responsible for keeping your student safe on water and in their body on the board. Yoga looks quite different when you add the element of a board and water. Understanding the anatomy of the body and how it relates to practicing yoga on a board is crucial. Not to mention the logistics of securing a spot, obtaining proper permits, ensuring that you have the proper safety response protocol, etc. Also, if you want to teach SUP yoga for an outfitter, they will usually require SUP yoga certification from a known entity. Finally, it is such an amazing experience! Hard work, sunshine, nature, the Pacific Northwest, Oregon is the BEST!

2. Do I need to be registered as a yoga teacher?

Yes, in order to access the 25 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), you need to have completed your 200 hours and be registered with Yoga Alliance.

3. Do I need to have prior experience with paddle boarding?

No! We have a paddle expert on our team that will teach our participants about the basic maneuvers, paddle techniques, and safety measures that you need to be successful on a paddleboard. We do ask that you have adequate swimming skills as we will be training on lakes and rivers.

4. What is the training schedule?

The schedule is fairly rigorous. We need to provide you with 25 hours of coursework in order to justify the CEUs that you will receive at the end of the training. Therefore, plan to be with us from early morning to evening every day. We will likely start at nine in the morning on Friday, but will need to start much earlier on Saturday and Sunday. And on the last day, we celebrate! We will dine, drink, and receive our certificates on Sunday night. Plan to celebrate with us until about nine in the evening! Once it gets closer to the training dates, we will send out a finalized, detailed schedule to participants.

5. What if I own my own stand up paddleboard and equipment? Can I bring them? does it reduce the cost of the training?

You are able to bring your own equipment as long as you have all of the required items (i.e. board, paddle, personal flotation device (PFD), and a leash). If you don’t have one of these items, please let us know and we will make sure to bring that item for you. Unfortunately, we do not rent our equipment so the training cost remains the same. We encourage you to use the opportunity to demo new equipment on one of the days even if you are committed to using your own equipment. 

6. Is there any type of payment plan for the training cost? 

No, not this year. If you are unable to pay the total cost, you can submit a $250 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot in the training. The remaining amount will be due one month prior to the training, on June 20th, 2018. If you only pay the deposit, you will be ineligible for any promos or discounts that we are currently running. SUP Yoga Teacher Training Deposit

7. What if I refer a friend to sign up for the training?

If you refer a friend, you will get a one-time $50 refund of your total training cost once you and your friend have paid in full. This promo only applies for the person who refers and for one friend only. You will not receive additional refunds for any friends that you refer after the first one. Email with the friend’s full name and email address to access this promo.

8. Where are we going during the training and how do I get there?

Every day, we will meet at the Alameda Yoga Studio in northeast Portland, Oregon. We will complete our on-land training at this studio and it will be your home base for the duration of the training. You will need to provide your own transportation or make arrangements to carpool with other participants to the super secret, awesome spots that we will travel to each day for the on-water portions. Rest assured...there will be sunshine, gorgeous views, and pristine lakes and rivers. All of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest!

9. What if I have a medical issue or condition?

If you feel comfortable, please email us about your specific condition and your worries. We will do our best to figure out a way to support you in joining the training. If you need special accommodations, please let us know ahead of time so we may assist you in meeting your needs. 

10. Why choose yoga to you pDX? 

We have been hosting Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) yoga classes in the community for almost 4 years. We are one of the most recognized SUP yoga providers in the area. We have partnered with local organizations such as Next Adventure and have been featured by The Oregonian, Wanderlust Weekly, and Travel Portland. But mostly, our training is simply awesome. We offer training with an American Canoe Association (ACA) paddle expert who will guide you in creating useful knots, building an anchor system, performing rescues, and learning adequate paddle boarding skills and technique. We will guide you in structuring classes, knowing appropriate anatomy and which poses are good for SUP yoga, and how to orient a class to all skill levels. AND you will have tons of fun and meet incredible, like-minded people while basking in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 

Photo by Robby Edwardsen
Photo by Robby Edwardsen